Family Photos by the river

My Sister is expecting her fourth child in about a month. It’s exciting to watch her family grow. My niece and nephews are super happy kids but wrangling them for photos can be challenging.


I’m happy to report we did manage to pull it off but maybe next time we’ll just eat the donuts during the photo shoot rather than saving them for the reward at the end. Look how nicely they stand side by side with those delicious treats.


Franconia Sculpture Garden

My Little Misters and I went to spend an afternoon with friends at the Franconia Sculpture Garden a couple of Saturdays ago. I had never been before but have always wanted to stop whenever we drive past. I was so beautiful and sunny out that I got my first sunburn of the year, but it was well worth it as the sculptures were interesting and colorful to observe.



Yellowstone: Upper Loop

I don’t think I could pick a favorite place within Yellowstone National Park. They are all so unique and different. I’m not a huge fan of the sulfur smell at the hot springs, but they are pretty cool to watch. The waterfalls are beautiful and the landscape changes so much throughout the park. First it’s grasslands, then mountains, then trees, then barren rocks. I loved seeing as much as we can, but I wish we had planned a little more time to walk around different areas longer.

Yellowstone: Lower Loop

On our recent family road trip we knew we really wanted to see Yellowstone. Originally we were only going to be there for one night but I really wanted to have more time so we stayed two nights in west Yellowstone. We could have spent far longer… Yellowstone is HUGE. The first day we drove the lower loop so we could see Old Faithful. I had no idea how many places we’d find to stop along the way. The park is amazing and around each bend in the road is another landscape more breathtaking than the one we left behind. I truly could have spent weeks here.