A Paris Castle

One of our last days in Paris we decided to ride the number 1 train to the edge of town to see a Chateau. Turns out the chateau is really more of a castle. From the photos I’d seen of it online I hadn’t been too excited about it, we only ended up going because we had some time to explore. I’m so glad we did go! It was an interesting place to explore. The Place was called Chateau de Vincennes.



The Louvre or, as I found out first hand, the building that just keeps going. It seems miles long. We walked the interior courtyard and walked between it and the river. it felt like blocks and blocks of solid building. Yet I wasn’t upset by this- it’s amazing to fathom how people actually worked and lived here in their time. I kind of wish I had seen the interior spaces, not for the artwork, but for the architecture and details that I could have seen. The lines were just too long for me to spend days waiting to enter. Perhaps I should work on my patience skills before I go at the height of tourist season.

Paris Opera House

Our Paris trip day three adventure was to see the Palais Garnier. Of course it was spectacular to see. It was magnificent and opulent. What an amazing place to walk around in. Through every space there was a sense of the grandness. It must have been an event just to walk through the doors in the early nineteenth century with all those fancy ball gowns surrounded by the candles and the building’s own grandeur. 


Paris Day two (part two)

Day Two continued…

After climbing up to the top of the Notre Dame bell tower and spiraling back down to ground level we were pretty hungry. We grabbed a quick picnic lunch and then were off walking again. We eventually made our way to the garden’s in front of the Luxembourg. What a fun place to bring the family too, I almost wished my two littles were with us to enjoy sailing boats in the pond, a giant playground and they even had pony rides.

After a fun ice cream stop we made our way to the Chapel of Sainte Chapelle. I knew the stain glass windows were going to be the breathe taking, so I was a little taken back when we entered through the lower level and saw low ceilings with hardly any stain glass at all. We found a tiny little circular staircase and decided to climb it. a short climb later and the breathe taking stain glass appeared. Amazing. Then to read that each window holds whole biblical stories in their detail was mind blowing.


We bought the joint ticket at the Sainte Chapelle which gave us access to the Conciergerie, which was formerly a prison. One famous prisoner was Marie Antoinette. The open spiral staircase and the huge fireplaces really caught my eye.

The apartment we rented for our week long stay was near the Centre Georges Pompidou. An interesting building with its insides on the exterior of the building. I have to say it grew on me throughout the week. At first I was not a fan, but seeing it every time we left the apartment and came home, plus seeing it from afar- it stands out. I always knew where to go when I spotted it on the horizon or down an alleyway.

That was pretty much our DAY TWO.

Paris: Day Two (part one)

By far my favorite thing about Paris was visiting Notre Dame. I’m not sure why these ancient cathedrals draw me in every where we go but the mystery and majesty intrigue me to no end. I could stare at this building all day and never grow tired of it. I suppose that’s why almost 45% of my photos are of this one building. We arrived early in the morning but not too early. We still had to stand in line to enter the church itself but not before getting our tickets to climb the bell tower. Being early still meant we had to wait an hour and a half to ascend all those stairs but it gave us plenty of time to enjoy the interior of the cathedral. Every thing about this building is wonderful.

Eventually we got in line for our trip up to the top. It’s actually a straight shot straight up the tower, its just a lot of going around and around the circular staircase. Then the staircase changes to a slightly smaller circular staircase and you keep going around and around. Going down was far more dizzying for me than climbing. Once to the rampart level you walk across to the second tower to climb the rest of the way to the top. No one warns you that there are a few VERY narrow passages to get through. Eek. Seeing the size of the bells in the bell tower was fantastic and the views from both the ramparts and the very top of the tower were amazing.

Day two continues…

Paris: Day One

My husband took me to Paris for a week. There is SO much to see in Paris that 6 days seemed a little bit short but at the same time it was just right. After I realized we wouldn’t be able to see it all, I started to enjoy the time we did have and the things we were able to squeeze in.

The first day we walked around the city streets. We walked along the Seine river. We pasted many of the big tourist sights and wound our way through the back streets toward the Eiffel tower. We turned one corner and their she stood, towering over the apartments. It was pretty unbelievable to stand underneath the icon of Paris. Unfortunately the lines to enter were also unbelievable. Not being prepared to stand in lines for hours on end we opted not to climb her. I have no regrets, the trip was amazing.

To be continued…

oh for the love!

This FAMILY! I have had the great privilege of taking their family photos for the last 6 years. No matter how many children join their family, there always seems to be more love than before. The smiles and laughter we have taking photos is always a treat. I think we got some good ones this time!

Family Photos by the river

My Sister is expecting her fourth child in about a month. It’s exciting to watch her family grow. My niece and nephews are super happy kids but wrangling them for photos can be challenging.


I’m happy to report we did manage to pull it off but maybe next time we’ll just eat the donuts during the photo shoot rather than saving them for the reward at the end. Look how nicely they stand side by side with those delicious treats.


Franconia Sculpture Garden

My Little Misters and I went to spend an afternoon with friends at the Franconia Sculpture Garden a couple of Saturdays ago. I had never been before but have always wanted to stop whenever we drive past. I was so beautiful and sunny out that I got my first sunburn of the year, but it was well worth it as the sculptures were interesting and colorful to observe.